Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Services goes Smoke-Free the right way

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Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Services is going Smoke-Free the right wayPersonal Ashtrays from No BuTTs will be assisting Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Services Hospitals to eliminate their smokers cigarette butt litter when their hospitals go Smoke-Free in August.

Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Services manages the Gosford Hospital, Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital, Macquarie Hospital, Manly Hospital, Monavale Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital and Wyong Hospital.

Going Smoke-Free doesn't mean that smokers stop smoking. You know they're not.
"Our hospitals will all be going Smoke-Free in early August but it would be socially and environmentally irresponsible to simply ban smoking on our premises without assisting our smokers to do the right thing with their butts." said Don Cook from the NSCCHS Health Promotional Unit.

"We know that just because our locations are going Smoke-Free, doesn't mean that people are not going to smoke. No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays are the perfect solution to the problem of what an organisation can do to assist its smokers to protect the environment when their locations go Smoke-Free."

"In our case we know that many of our staff, patients and visitors smoke, and the last thing we want is for them to end up littering their butts out the front of our premises or even worse, in nearby surrounding areas."

More hospitals every week are going Smoke Free
the right way with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays"Providing Personal Ashtrays to smokers means that wherever they go to smoke, they can be resposible with their cigarette butts. Obviously, we'd much prefer for them not to smoke at all, so that's why we've also made the decision to print a Quit Smoking message with web links & phone info to quitting services on the side of our portable ashtrays."

"The message that their Personal Ashtrays send out to smokers is that you can quit littering your butts immediately, but it would be even better if you quit smoking - and essentially kill two birds with one stone," said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson, "and that message is reinforced every time they use their pocket ashtrays."

"Employee smoking can be a contentious issue, especially for health industry based organisations but the reality is that many people smoke - and Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Services is simply behaving in an environmentally responsible manner by addressing this serious environmental issue."

Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Services Personal Ashtrays encourage smokers to quit smoking.
"This is even more important as their facilities are going Smoke-Free and as a result their smokers will be forced to go somewhere else to smoke."  said Jack.

"Personalised Ashtrays not only instantly eliminate cigarette butt litter, they also help get the message across," said Jack, "and including a Quit Smoking message is the smartest way to do it." 

"The inclusion of a quit smoking message also dispells an occasional misconception we hear that distributing Personal Ashtrays could in some way maybe encourage smoking. In fact it's the complete opposite."

"They're not being encouraged to smoke - they're being specifically encouraged to quit everytime they see and use their portable ashtray."

"Also, by banning smoking at their premises, organisations like NSCCHS are discouraging smoking by making it harder and less convenient for their staff, patients and visitors to smoke - but they're just doing it in a way which doesn't make their neighbours and the surrounding environment pay for their progressive health initiatives."

  By No BuTTs & N.S.C.C.H.S. [19th July 2010]


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