No BuTTs 'unhinges' the competition with new Personal Ashtrays upgrade!

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The world's best selling Personal / Pocket / Portable Ashtray is now even better with addition of larger reinforced lid hinges incorporating Stainless Steel hinge pins.

Personal Ashtrays from No BuTTs have been upgraded with larger hinges. 
Old hinges on left - New improved hinges on right.
Now they'll last for years!
Released for the first time at the recent Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) conference in Canberra, No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays (aka Butt-Bins / Pocket Ashtrays) have been upgraded with a completely redesigned lid hinge that ensures that the lid can not, wear down, break off or come away from the main body of the Personal Ashtray.

"No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays are the best selling personal ashtrays in the world - by far." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson.

"The main advantage of No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays & Butt-Bins over all other competing products is that they can store almost double the amount of butts compared to other products but are actually smaller than most other personal ashtrays."

"The reason for this is that 100% of the inside of a Mini-Butt Pocket Ashtray is butt storage area, and we don't waste space on gimmicks like spring loaded or twist top lids - none of which work very well anyway." he said.

"The other reason that No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays can store so many more butts than all of our competitors products is that two butts can lie next to each other as the Butt-Bin is used and filled  No other personal ashtray offers this innovation and intelligent storage design."

"Additionally our Butt-Bins are famous for having the most secure lid closing system which eliminates any 'unpleasant surprises' when users put their hands into their pocket or handbag to pull out their Portable Ashtray. Unlike our competition we've never received a single complaint that our lids accidentally pop open - because our double locking seal means that they can't."

Personal Ashtrays - Butt Storage Comparisons...  (...There is no comparison!!...)
"Lid seal integrity is probably the most important issue when it comes to Personal Ashtrays and we constantly receive reports from new clients that their old Personal Ashtrays from other companies have lids that tend to pop open accidentally or leak ash, butts and odours which from our perspective is totally unacceptable."

"We want to turn people on to the concept of always carrying a Personal Ashtray, not turn them off, but unfortunately the fact is that most of the other personal, pocket or portable ashtrays out there have lid seal integrity problems - and smokers can rapidly become disillusioned with personal ashtrays if they have bad experiences."

"Lids that break off or accidentally pop open is the biggest complaint we receive from new customers about other products - and we hear it again and again every week. It's even more irritating when it occurs with spring-loaded lids that flick open at the touch of a button because when those units fail, their lids don't pop open, they explode open."

"At No BuTTs we're always striving to enhance our entire product range when and where we can, and the addition of the new redesigned and reinforced lid hinges to the Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays just widens the quality gap between our product and all other personal ashtrays in the market."

Over 500 organisations have switched to No BuTTs Personal/Pocket/Portable Ashtrays"The hinge redesign means a slight increase to us in the cost of production and time needed to assemble the components, but it's well worth it and we're delighted to have been able to incorporate this major upgrade with no increase in price whatsoever to our customers." said Jack.

"The only possible issue that previously existed with our Personal Ashtrays was that after many months of use, the plastic hinge pins could wear away which increased the possibility that eventually the lid could come away from the main body of the Mini-Butt. No-one's ever complained about this - probably because it rarely happens and you can't really get too upset with a product that only costs a couple of bucks and lasts for months - but we knew we could improve the design to eliminate this issue."

"The new hinge design means that there is absolutely no way at all that our lid can wear or come away from the main body of the Pocket Ashtray. This has allowed us to increase the product's expected life span from months to years."

"As a bonus, strengthening the hinges has also allowed to us make the closing lid seal even tighter than it already was and our customers appreciate our attention to detail and our consistent commitment to product excellence."

Over 75 organisations every week are switching to No BuTTs award winning range of butt litter reducing products.

  By No BuTTs [20th June 2010]


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