Savills Property Services switches to No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays

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Savills Property Managers have switched to No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall/Post AshtraysSavills has become the latest Property Management and Real Estate based company to switch to No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays with their installation at the Victor Central Shopping Centre at Victor Harbour in South Australia.

Savills is a leading global real estate service provider listed on the London Stock Exchange and has over 200 offices and associates throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Savills has been ranked No.1 by turnover in the UK by the Estates Gazette for each of the last nine years.

"Savills is committed to maintaining the highest standards of service & infrastructure across the board." said Benardo Mendoza, Contracts Administrator for Savills.  "Obviously waste management is an ongoing important issue for all our locations, and cigarette butt litter reduction is a vital subsection. If there is a cigarette butt litter problem at any of our locations, it's the first thing our patrons are going to see so it's important for us to address and prevent this serious issue."

Eco-Pole Wall & Post Ashtray - Liquid Charged Wet System for instant extinguishing of butts
"As more and more of our locations go Smoke-Free it's critical to provide somewhere for our patrons, customers, shoppers, visitors, etc to butt out their cigarette butts as they enter our properties.  We do of course have ashtrays at our locations but depending on the actual ashtray installed, sometimes they can create unforseen problems for users and maintenance staff alike."

"We decided it was time to look for a better butt litter reduction system for our locations and thankfully it was pretty easy to find No BuTTs. We Googled 'ashtrays' and No BuTTs popped up at #1 on the organic search results. The fact that No BuTTs head office is based in Australia made things even easier."

"I'd heard some good things about No BuTTs from colleagues. The second I clicked their site and saw their Eco-Pole Ashtrays and read some of the comments from other clients it was obvious that Eco-Pole Ashtrays were exactly what we were looking for."

"Eco-Poles look great and they also offer an unsurpassed simplicity with regard to servicing/emptying the ashtrays and that's very important for our maintenance staff's efficiency. We've now installed seven Eco-Pole Ashtrays around Victor Central Shopping Centre and the response from customers and maintenance staff has been so positive that we're now progressively upgrading ashtrays at our other locations over to No BuTTs Eco-Poles."

Savills has over 200 offices and associates throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle EastSavills manages 58.5 million sq m of property across the Asia Pacific Region and is the largest Property Management firm in Hong Kong and China. Savills has 40 offices across the Asia Pacific Region in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

In Australia and with over 500 staff, Savills maintain offices in Sydney, North Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool, Pymble, Canberra, Melbourne, Notting Hill, Adelaide, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Since the beginning of 2010 over 250 shopping centres and commercial & retail facilities have begun upgrading their outdoor ashtrays to No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays.

  By No BuTTs & Savills [28th May 2016]


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