Wildlife Rescuers protecting the environment and raising funds with No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays/Butt Bins

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Wildlife Rescuers is a voluntary organisation that relies on donations and merchandising sales for fundraisingWildlife Rescuers are distributing No BuTTs Personal/Portable Ashtrays (aka Butt Bins) to assist smokers to eliminate their butt litter and associated risks of fires started by discarded butts - and at the same time raising funds for their voluntary organisation.

Wildlife Rescuers are a group of unpaid volunteers who are members of Wildlife Victoria and specialise
in the rescue and rehabilitation of native Australian wildlife in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. They are active rescuers, rescuing & caring for various wildlife on a near day to day basis, including eastern grey kangaroos, possums, wombats, bats and various species of birds. 

Their role is one of rescuing injured, sick and orphaned wildlife and where possible releasing healthy animals back into the wild. Wildlife Rescuers also engage in public education via presentations, the media and also conduct information and training sessions.

 Just one of the many thousands of animals saved every year by Wildlife Rescuers
"Bushfires are one of the biggest causes of injuries to animals and the fact is that many of those bushfires are started by people littering their butts." said Anne Logan, Manager of Wildlife Rescuers. "People smoke, and that's their right, but no-one has the right to ever litter their cigarette butts, especially in country areas."

"The great thing about No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays Butt Bins is that they give smokers the ability to always do the right thing with their butts, wherever they are - and that's absolutely fantastic for our environment."

"Anne is completely correct and it's not only fires started by littered cigarette butts that kill and injure wildlife. Discarded cigarette butts take around 10 years to breakdown and they leach toxins into the environment for the duration. They also end up in the stomachs of birds, animals and fish and poison them to death." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson.

Wildlife Rescuers Personal Ashtray & Butt Bin"Wildlife Rescuers are a wonderful organisation that is completely voluntary and totally funded by donations and merchadising and they deserve all the support and assistance for their noble efforts that they can get, and we at No BuTTs are delighted to help." These are the brave people that go out and provide assistance when animals are injured by cars or fires, or feral cats and foxes, etc"

"Our Personal Ashtrays which are also called Butt Bins help organisations like Wildlife Rescuers in many ways. Apart from the environmental benefits we talked about, logo printed Pocket Ashtrays are also an extremely useful eco-friendly product that will be seen, used and appreciated many times a day long after the recipient has received them." said Jack. "Once smokers have a Pocket Butt Bin they usually take with them everywhere they go because it solves the problem of what to do with their butts - wherever they smoke."

"So when organisations like Wildlife Rescuers have their logo, website and in this case their emergency hotline for injured animals printed on their Personal Ashtrays, that important information is always there for them when it's needed, and they know that.

Another precious little critter saved by the wonderful people at Wildlife Rescuers
"Additionally, our Personal Ashtrays also make a sensational fundraising product because for all of the reasons mentioned earlier, people are happy to buy them for themselves or for other smokers they know. When you consider that a single packet of cigarettes now costs well over $15 it's a pretty good deal to be able to buy such a great little product for around $5 that lasts for months, if not years."

"And it's even better when you know that the money you've spent on that Pocket Butt Bin goes straight back to the organisation so that they can continue their efforts and endeavours."

In a perfect world people wouldn't smoke but the reality is that billions do. No BuTTs philosophy, and that of our customers is that if people can't stop smoking they can at least stop littering their butts instantly and forever with No BuTTs Pocket Ashtrays.

That's why over 1,000 organisations, clubs and associations around the world are now using No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays/Butt Bins to protect the environment, get their message out and raise well needed funds for their organisations. And more organisations every week are taking the opportunity to also print the slogan "Protect our environment - Better still quit smoking" onto their Pocket Ashtrays for no extra charge.

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  By No BuTTs & Wildlife Rescuers [14th November 2010]


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