Witchmount Estate Winery & Function Centre kicks its Visitors & Guests butts!

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Witchmount Estate Winery & Fucntion CentreWitchmount Estate Winery & Function Centre, located at Rockbank, around 25 kms north of Melbourne is the latest winery and function centre to install No BuTTs Eco-Pole Ashtrays to eliminate cigarette butt litter at their award winning location.

"Witchmount Estate Winery has been making award-winning wines for almost 15 years. Over that time we have spent many hours in our vineyard and winery in order to produce the finest wines possible. We put our heart and soul into 'our one chance a year' and have been rewarded with a multitude of trophies and awards from all over Australia." said Tony Ramunno, Vigneron at Witchmount.

"We're also just as passionate about the environment too, so the problem of cigarette butt litter at our property was an issue we were very eager to resolve.  Witchmount Estate Winery is one of Melbourne's premier Wineries and Function Centres and we have 1,000s of people a month visiting our winery, either to purchase wine or as guests at the many functions we cater for."

The only kind of butt you'll see at Witchmount Estate Winery & Function Centre
"Apart from the fact that cigarette butt litter is toxic to the environment, it also degrades the appearance of any location, and the last thing we want to see is discarded cigarette butts strewn around our property. The fact is that many of our visitors and patrons smoke, so it would be plain stupid to ignore the problem.  Also, our winery and maintenance staff are already very busy so the less time they need to spend picking up discarded butts the better."

"I'd noticed some very hi-tech and nice looking wall-mounted ashtrays at the new BP Truckstop nearby where I fill up so I asked them where they'd got them from, and they referred me to No BuTTs."

"The thing we love about No BuTTs Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays is that they are portable.  We can bring them out and place wherever our functions are located around our property - and then put them away until we need them again. Eco-Poles are also a fantastic looking product and this encourages our smoking patrons to use them."

"We're delighted to be able to assist Witchmount Winery & Function Centre to eliminate cigarette butt litter at their beautiful location." said No BuTTs Managing Director, Jack Jacobson. "I've been a fan of their wines for years so as soon as I got the call from Tony Ramunno, I recognised the name of his winery and sat up a little higher in my chair."

Eco-Pole Bollard Ashtray with Portable Weight Bag option"No BuTTs Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays are brilliant for Wineries and Function Centres because they look great, provide a designated smoking zone and they're portable.  The days of a crappy looking empty bucket are over.  Additionally, Eco-Pole Freestanding Bollard Ashtrays can be utlised when and where our clients need them and provide a solution that virtually eliminates their patrons cigarette butt litter. It's not only irresponsible to ignore the issue of cigarette butt litter, from the point of view of protecting your own property, it's also self defeating."

"That's why well 100s of Wineries and Fucntion Centres have adopted No BuTTs range of Eco-Pole Ashtrays and logo printed Mini-Butts Personal Ashtrays to solve the problem."

"I can't think of a better reason to visit Witchmount Winery, apart from buying their wine, than to deliver their Eco-Pole Ashtrays at the same time," said Jack. "We do have delivery and installation staff at No BuTTs but I can assure you that this will be a delivery that I'll be doing in person."

Over 200 Wineries & Function Centres are now using No BuTTs Eco-Pole Wall-mounted Ashtrays, Eco-Pole Freestanding Portable Bollard Ashtrays and No BuTTs award winning logo printed Personal Ashtrays to eliminate their Visitors & Guests cigarette butt litter at their locations.





  By No BuTTs & Witchmount Estate Winery [6th May 2010]


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