Dandelion Restaurant goes butt litter free with No BuTTs Eco-Pole Post-mounted Ashtray

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Dandelion Cafe installs Eco-Pole Ashtray on pole outside entrance to assist patrons to do the right thing.Dandelion Restaurant, the latest creation of award winning Melbourne Chef Geoff Lindsay has installed a No BuTTs pole-mounted Eco-Pole Ashtray outside their entrance to assist their patrons to do the right thing with
their butts when they step outside for a smoke.

Geoff Lindsay is the man behind some of Melbourne's finest restaurants including Pearl Restaurant and Bar and was named Chef of the Year 2005 by "The Age Good Food Guide". Having successfully sold out from Pearl, Geoff opted for a 'sea-change' and in April 2011 opened Dandelion. Dandelion's extensive punchy, food-focused wine list has been curated by his old friend and long-time collaborator Grant van Every.

Dandelion Cafe - a Full House as usual!
Located in the trendy bayside suburb of Elwood, smack bang in the middle of Ormond Road, Dandelion Restaurant specialises in a very personal showcase of Vietnamese cuisine featuring a rich and diverse menu that exhibits a wonderfully intoxicating combination of the raw and the cooked, the hot and the cold, the sweet and sour. Light, fresh and healthy, dishes to be savoured and dishes to be shared.

"Even though we don't have any outdoor footpath tables, the fact is that many of our customers smoke and head outside our entrance to light up." said Geoff. "We were concerned about potential butt litter created by our patrons so we experimented with various options including small ceramic plant pots but apart from cigarette butts, they also attracted litter and this was causing problems with smouldering, as well as being unsightly, so we looked for a better solution."

Eco-Pole Ashtray - Eco Award Winner 2011"There is a light pole within a few metres of our entrance and it was the obvious place to locate an ashtray so I Googled ashtrays and up popped No BuTTs. As soon as I saw No BuTTs post-mountable Eco-Pole Ashtray I knew it was perfect for our requirements so I called No BuTTs and ordered one on the spot."

"Apart from the environmental problems created by cigarette butt litter, the external appearance of our restaurant is obviously also very important to us. Our Eco-Pole Ashtray is a very sleek looking ashtray that allows our patrons to easily dispose of their butts and only takes our staff a few seconds to empty."

"When I took a call from Geoff who wanted to order one of our Eco-Pole Ashtrays and took his details down I instantly recognised his name." said No BuTTs Managing Director Jack Jacobson. "I've been a fan of Pearl for years and I was thrilled to be able to assist Geoff with his requirements for Dandelion."

"It was actually a little weird when Geoff called because that day we were upgrading our head-quarters phone system, so all calls were being diverted through to our mobiles and I was actually standing in a health food shop looking at their range of Dandelion Teas when Geoff called and mentioned his restaurant Dandelion."

Dandelion Restaurant's Eco-Pole Ashtray
"Apart from being one of Melbourne's most renowned Chefs, Geoff also exemplifies the high environmental standards of an ever growing number of hospitality proprietors who understand that it's critical to assist their own patrons to properly dispose of their butt litter when at their location." said Jack.

"Geoff is spot on when he says that providing effective butt litter disposal is just as essential for the appearance, public image and reputation of the venue as it is for the environment because butt litter not only looks disgusting, it's also a reflection of the environmental standards of the proprietors - and any business owners who may be unaware of the seriousness of this issue or choose to ignore the issue of their own customers - or staff's - cigarette butt litter really need to reassess their position, and all the n egative ramifications that cigarette butt litter creates." said Jack.

"As an additional benefit our Eco-Pole Ashtrays also make life much easier for staff because they're the ones that have to go out and sweep up all their customers butts one by one when no effective ashtray infrastructure has been installed."

Over 100 restaurants, cafes and bars every week across Australia are installing No BuTTs award winning Eco-Pole Wall & Post-mounted Ashtrays at their locations.


  By No BuTTs & Dandelion Restaurant [27th June 2014]


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