Dubbo City Council & Taronga Western Plains Zoo go butt litter free with No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays

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Dubbo City Council is one of over 200 Aussie Councils now distributing No BuTTs Personal AshtraysDubbo City Council in conjunction with Taronga Western Plains Zoo have begun distributing No BuTTs award-winning logo printed Personal Ashtrays to citizens and visitors.

Dubbo City Council & Taronga Western Plains Zoo's cigarette butt litter reduction campaign will be launched at the 139th Annual Dubbo Show which opens today and runs through to Sunday 20th May.

Over 2.000 government departments around the world are now leading the fight against cigarette butt litter, and simultaneously educating their communities about this serious environmental problem - and helping them discover just how easy it is to eliminate cigarette butt litter - by distributing No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays.

"Personal Ashtrays eliminate cigarette butt litter anywhere a smoker goes or lights up. It's as simple as that." said Jack Jacobson, No BuTTs Managing Director.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is one of over 2,500 tourist destinations distributing No BuTTs Personal Ashtrays
"And that's why 1,000s of government departments, national parks, ski resorts, heritage & wilderness areas and tourist destinations around the planet are now making Personal Ashtrays freely available and also selling them from gift stores and souvenir shops."

"That's because of 95% of smokers that discover the concept of Personal Ashtrays - and how easy they are to use - stop littering their butts forever."

"That's not only good for that specific location, it's also of great benefit to everywhere else those smokers go, because once they've received a Personal Ashtray, they almost always stop littering their butts from that point on, because they can take it with them wherever they go."

Dubbo City Council - Taronga Western Plains Zoo's new Pocket Ashtray!
With over 3sq km of wild and wonderful bushland and 700 animals, Taronga Western Plains Zoo offers a safari adventure right in the heart of NSW. Taronga Western Plains Zoo is a large, open-range Zoo that can be navigated by car, bike, on foot, or by hiring one of their electric carts or bicycles for your visit.

Visitors find themselves surrounded by magnificent wildlife on wide open plains. Whether strolling across the grasslands or touring via hire bikes or carts, Taronga Western Plains Zoo is one of Australia's most awarded zoos.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo won the 2011 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award for consistently receiving excellent ratings from members.

"Every day, with the interest and participation of an increasing number of environmentally progressive government departments and organisations, No BuTTs logo printed Personal Ashtrays are permanently changing the littering habits of millions of smokers around the world." said Jack.

Bin Your Butts In Dubbo Campaign:
Click here to see Taronga Western Plains Zoo & Dubbo City Council's Campaign Poster




  By No BuTTs & Dubbo City Council [18th May 2012]


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