Safety Spike Red x 1

$ 9.95

Safety Spike Red
Safety Spike Red
Safety Spike Red
Safety Spike Red


Safety Spike RED

  • Safety Spike - The name says it all!
  • Safety Spike is a paper spike file, but made out of plastic!!
  • Safety Spike works exactly the same way as a metal spike, but can’t & won’t pierce or seriously injure the skin like metal spike files can and frequently do.
  • Safety Spike means that you never have to worry about injuries to yourself, workmates, staff or customers.
  • Safety Spike is the only spike file that comes with an advanced suction system. Once it’s fastened, it won’t budge until you release it.

Safety Spike Demo

Safety Spike eliminates that risk of serious injury. In these days of ever increasing Work Cover premiums, negligence actions, and huge compensation payouts, can you afford to take the risk with obsolete and dangerous metal spike files??? Safety Spike – The name says it all.

Colours - Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Yellow

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