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We noticed that many of our Hospitality and Accom based customers not only had a butt litter problem at their outside tables and dining areas, they also had a sugar stick wrapper problem - and there's nothing sweet about that.  So we came up with The Sugar Daddy.

The Sugar Daddy not only holds sugar stalks, it also provides an inner container for empty or used sachets! No more wind blown sachet litter and no more need for staff to sort your used sugar stalks from the new ones! Sugar stalks sit upright and are always ready for use!

The Sugar Daddy is rustproof & made from 100% marine grade stainless steel.

Why your business needs a Sugar Daddy on every table:

  • Eliminates the liitter caused by used sugar stalks! The enviroment loves you! Your staff will too!
  • Eliminates the problem of wind blown sugar stalks litter degrading the appearance of your property!
  • Eliminates the need for staff to constantly sort your fresh sugar stalks from the used ones that your customers place back into your current sugar stalks holder!  No down-time!
  • Eliminates the problem of your customers placing their used sugar stalks in the ashtray! (No more smouldering!)
  • Reduces table-clutter!
  • Eliminates sachet waste ending up in or clogging your dishwasher!

Sugar Daddy makes your customers life, your staff's life and your life a lot easier!

Easy to separate and empty! Eliminates sugar wrapper mess!


Most sugar stalks are waxed & contain glue and can take weeks to break down.

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